My sister won a 3 month coaching course with Natalia. She asked Nat if she could transfer it to me because she was leaving the country and I desperately needed it. I decided I needed to break away from my self-hating downward spiral, so I called Natalia.

Since then, coaching with Nat has been the BEST thing I have EVER done for myself. She has this amazing ability of showing me how just a shift in perspective can change my life. It’s two months into it and I now have goals, a direction, clarity and a really awesome friend who gives good hugs.

Nat has created an additional personalised coaching course to help me work on my assertive communication. I am now HAPPILY paying for this extra course, because it really is PRICELESS. I could keep on writing about how else she has helped me but that would go on forever. I highly recommend coaching with Nat, she actually cares.

Thank you Nat for agreeing to coach me! You didn’t have to take me on, but you did, and now I’m back on track, happy and really grateful!
– Lizzay C


I’ve always been a little skeptical about life coaching because I wondered what they could offer beyond what psychologists or counsellors already do. This view has completely changed. Life coaching is invaluable. Nat is an excellent life coach and I would recommend her to all of my friends. The reason why Nat is so good at what she does is because she practices what she preaches. She has found her life purpose and, because of that, she is credible and performs her role so effortlessly and gracefully. She has the experience, technique and presence of being that opens your heart and makes it speak. Her belief in your abilities is genuine and this creates an environment where you feel safe to speak the truth.

I had already begun my journey into living my life purpose about 6 months before our first session. What Nat did for me though is refine that purpose, make it real and identify the fear and the barriers that prevent me from living that purpose. Nat helped me identify my strengths as resources that I could use to overcome any barriers that existed.

Nat made me realise that success does involve failure, but failure makes success all the more meaningful. I struggled with prioritising my everyday activities because I hadn’t refined my life purpose strongly enough. I always feel that I can never say no to friends and family, when sometimes it’s not best for me. I felt too far spread between my activities because I had not identified what each activity was doing to help me achieve my purpose. Now that my purpose is clear, decisions will be very easy.
-Tanya H


In just one hour spent with Natalia i was able to see what I was doing wrong in my approach to get closer to my daughter. She guided me to a place of inner knowing on what I needed to do next. It was absolutely remarkable how her intuition is spot on. I came out that conversation with my power pants on and I’m still wearing them. My heart is now open to all the possibilities life has to offer.
Thank you Natalia! May your smile and your ability to change people’s life shines forever.
Elvisa Kovacevic


First I was just talking to a friendly and attentive face, next thing I knew I was confronting my insecurities. I felt safe opening up and trying to dig deep, but her approach also had just the right amount of levity and humour to keep me from panicking whenever I went down the rabbit hole.

Life coaching is a new experience for me. It is not the same as talking to a friend because she brings a different perspective and different tools to the table. It also wasn’t akin to talking to a therapist or counsellor. For one thing, the setting was more casual -less clinical-, for another, efforts were directed more towards action than analysis. I’m over-analytical as it is, so this approach particularly suited me.

The biggest change I’ve experienced working with her has actually been to my frame of mind. I was trapped in a cycle where I didn’t feel very capable and then felt guilty about my lack of productivity. Working with Nat helped me focus on the things I am already capable of and the tools I have to become capable at something new.

The best part about working with Nat has been, arguably, that I now feel happier, more confident and ready to take on new challenges. Though really, I would like to say it was the laughs!
– Daniela C.B


Sometimes in life, you meet a special person. A person who changes your life by just being in it. Nat walked into my life with a beaming smile and a warm heart, I knew straight away she was a truly special person. She has a unique gift – the gift of being able to give someone their life & happiness back. My advice to anyone who is struggling with various aspects of their lives, have a session with Nat! She gave me the tools I needed to start generating a happy and fulfilling life for myself. Her innate ability to connect with everyone she meets on a deeper and more meaningful level is truly astounding.

I have been seeing a psych and never had a life coach before. I found Nat’s approach focuses heavily on setting goals and making changes happen immediately. She helps define my vision and achieve my goals faster and easier than psychotherapy as the energy within session is always positive and if I slip up and think negatively I am swiftly reminded and brought back into a positive state of thinking . Therapy is more a science based approach. Life coaching is a more human approach – an approach that focuses more on the present less on the past, which I am drawn to. But most importantly, I can be at ease being who I am knowing she loves me as I am and whatever I say will never be laughed at. On the contrary, I am enjoying the laughter we share in our session and I can’t wait to have another session with her as she has allowed me to be more than I could ever thought possible. I can’t wait to see what I have in store for myself.

Mandy S


I am not sure how it happened, but by the end of my first session with Nat I felt more at home with myself than I have ever been. I instantly felt happy and in control of my life, something that I had not felt in a long time.

I came to her because I want to find self-confidence and happiness within. I have been struggling with low self-esteem for a long time. I have seen quite a few professionals (counsellors, psychologists, speech therapists) in the past but they did not seem to help me. I thought I give a life coach a try and I am glad I did. She is unlike any other. Her use of humor and metaphors created a comfortable and friendly vibe which allow me to be at ease and open up. She made me feel safe and understood.

She gave me insight and wisdom to be kinder to myself. She also gives strategies and techniques that I could use to create new positive mind habit. Most importantly she inspired me to take the necessary steps toward personal growth and success. Now, I am a changed person who will no longer accept negative thoughts or let them hold me back. I am committed to choose happiness and to be happy!

If you feel stuck or down in your life, I would definitely recommend her. It is an experience, a happiness experience.
Laura P


Natalia is an extremely friendly, open and joyful soul. She saw the bright part of me when I was only seeing my shadow. It is impossible to stay sad and stuck when Nat shakes your wall down and opens your door of possibilities to be happy. Her laughter is contagious too!

I came to her when I was at a point of making major life decision before I had to leave the country in 2 weeks. I was scared and uncertain of what to do next. In just one session, I found clarity, overcame fear and gained confidence in taking my next step.

I even had a bonus laughter. Part of my struggle was, I often felt like a ‘nobody’. She helped me find confidence in my self-worth. After the session, I walked on the beach (in Bali) and suddenly a group of local people approached me. They wanted to take a photo with me. I felt like a celebrity, like a ‘somebody’! I have traveled the world and this has never happened to me before! It was such a funny memorable experience. This celebrity craze happened within an hour of changing my perception from feeling like a nobody to being somebody. I am amazed how quickly the reality manifested once I changed my mindset. The power of the mind: change your mindset, and your world changes!

Nat is an amazing person to help you with your life struggle. Her kindness will touch your heart, her wisdom will open your eyes, her thought-provoking questions will shake your negative talks and change your reality. She has a knack on mixing humour with wisdom. She will make you laugh and ponder at the same time. You have to experience this yourself. I loved it and it works!
– Martina H


I came to Nat when I was struggling to deal with a long-term relationship breakup. To say the least, she changed my life. I was feeling defeated, deflated, despondent, and a bit self-destructive and Nat gave me the tools I needed to push forward despite my lack of enthusiasm. She showed me how to find the strength to challenge myself and to recognize which thoughts and actions were holding me back. She showed me ways of thinking that could give my situation the overhaul it needed, rather than letting myself dwell in the comfort zone of unhappiness.

I’ve never known anyone with such an ability for genuine empathy and patience. Nat listens intently and asks questions that will help you to analyse your situation and determine which barriers need to be broken though to help you find the happiness you deserve. Nat is very realistic with which steps you are ready to take, based on your unique situation, and she never belittles even your most trivial or neurotic thought processes. I would recommend Nat in a heartbeat to anyone who wishes to find peace and happiness in their life. She is an incredibly special person to work with.
– Sonja Meyer


I wanted to share my experience with Natalia. She is such a warm-hearted, smart and funny individual. She’s extremely giving. She made time for me, I’m flip-flopped in another time zone (USA), so it was really awesome of her to make the adjustment.

I immediately felt at ease and opened right up to her great thought provoking questions. It was with these questions, along with her caring guidance, I had some pivotal aha moments in just one session!

She helped me bust through limiting thinking I didn’t realize I had set upon myself. I was able to let go and accept that part of myself.

I feel empowered and more true to me than ever.

Thank you, Coach Natalia! I am forever grateful!
– Melane Jost


Natalia has challenged me to understand myself better and my thought pattern. She has shown  invaluable techniques in recognising and dealing with my own insecurities. Since then, I have been able to make positive changes to my relationship. Her endless encouragement made me believe on the potential that I could not see before.

She is very understanding and open-minded. I feel safe and comfortable to be open about myself and my vulnerabilities knowing she won’t judge me.

I would recommend anyone who has the chance to make contact with her, to do so. I couldn’t imagine a better person to work with if they want to take their relationship to the next level.
– Paige E.