Australian cancer patient’s mission: To hug her idol Oprah – and one million others around the world!

On May 25th 2015, Natalia Dewiyani, was diagnosed with rare cancer, Ewing Sarcoma. In 2016, she was diagnosed with another cancer, melanoma. Refusing to be beaten, she made it her mission to embrace life – through physically embracing every person she met.

A professional life coach, Nat “the hug-aholic” believes there is immense power in laughter and the human touch.

As founder of ‘HUGS FOR CHANGE’, Natalia created a spin of her misfortune ‘LAUGHTER WITH CANCER’ as her legacy to spread happiness. She posts daily as her promise to smile every single day even (if it is just once) and inspires others to do the same.

In August, Australia’s biggest TV network Channel 7 aired a national story:


Natalia was still in hospital undergoing cancer treatment when she first went viral on social media, hugging 438 strangers in 90 minutes :

Hugs for Change debut fundraiser has successfully raised US$5000 for grassroots charity, Fundacion Mariposas Amarillas (FMA), a small centre for slum children and families around Santa Marta, North Colombia. Founded by Oscar Cortes, who was homeless as a child himself, the school assists and educates children in Colombian slum neighborhoods.

The second hug campaign in 2016 raised over $9000 for Peter MacCallum Cancer Center.

She is determined to spread her happiness message around the world through delivering one million hugs, to raise one million dollars. She’ll then donate every cent to charity.

As part of her campaign, it is Nat’s wish to hug Oprah – and enlist her help in sprinkling a little happiness around the globe.

“One person can only do so much. Imagine how much happier this world will be if there are more people inspired to do what I do?”

Having thriving from two cancers, Natalia is now on a mission to make this world a happier place.
She aspires to teach others how to turn crappy into happy through her workshop and online coaching program.

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